BASINGSTOKE Railway Piscatorials were at Cheriton Farm last Saturday and Staceys Supremo Keith Brown topped out on 51lb 8oz of carp on pole and maggot (what else), Colin Ariss put in a rare appearance and caught 45lb 13oz on pole and pellet, Ben Truman hopped into third spot with 41lb of carp on pole and maggot. Fourteen fished and caught.

Camrose AC fished at Cheriton Farm on Sunday last and Colin Thomas won it with 70lb 15oz of carp on pole and maggot, Mike Ravenning pole and magged it for his 48lb 8oz, Darren Goddard’s 42lb 12oz was a bread punch affair whilst Tony Holdsworth had to settle for fourth spot with 40lb 3oz. Fourteen fished and caught.

Adventure AS went to Gold Valley Syndicate Lake for their recent fixture and in form Robin Guppy scored with 38lb 15oz of carp on the pellet waggler, Graham (Shaggy) Shadwell was just behind on 38lb 2oz six carp on the pole and bomb, Colin Shepherd caught five carp for 32lb 11oz followed by Alan Chadbone’s three carp for 30lb 2oz. Thirteen fished and all caught except Mick Fordham.

Staceys Match Group were at Court Farm Lower Lake last Sunday, where Vinny Bonnick topped out with 36lb 2oz of carp on pole and meat, Sam Skilton used the same tactics for his 35lb 2oz, Kevin Roberts used pole and caster for his 31lb 6oz. Twelve fished and all caught.

Kennet Ospreys latest venue was Court Farm Upper Lake where consistent Steve Hunt scored with 70lb 5oz of carp on the pellet waggler and bomb, Anthony Thomas pellet wagged it for 63lb 3oz followed by Ian Jones who bombed it for his 50lb 2oz. Eleven fished and caught.

Oxoid AC went to Whitehouse Lake in Tadley for their match where Simon Nicholls got it right and weighed 13lb 7oz, two carp on pole and maggot, Del Baulsom caught 6lb 3oz of mixed on pole and maggot with Peter Lovegrove netting 5lb 9oz. Nine fished and caught.

Now the colder weather is upon us, keep fishing and wrap up warm, a cold day on the bank is better than doing jobs indoors and visiting people.

Catch me next week