BASINGSTOKE Town long-time supporter Connor Eccott is running a new fund raising initiative called Last Man Standing which has just finished its second game with Jack Miller winning the £265 prize pot.

The next game starts a week on Saturday after the international break and he is keen to get more football fans involved as the money raised goes to the Community Club’s Boost the Budget fund. The last man standing will win themselves 50 per cent of the money taken in. The other 50 per cent is being donated to the Boost the Budget fund.

The way it works is that every person in the game picks one team in the Premier League they think will win in the coming weekend (you will receive notification in the week before of the fixtures).

If the teams wins they go through to the next round, if they lose or draw they are knocked out.

They then have a to pick a different team every week, you can never choose the same team until the current game is ended.

If there is no one winner - the last man standing - then the prize money rolls over to the next game

Entry is £10 for a whole game until it is won or rolls over and payments are made via bank transfer by the Thursday before the game starts.

Each week participants will receive the list of names entered and which team everyone has picked. This ensures there is no fixing the competition.

BTCFC have received a donation from Last Man Standing of £265. The club are in a vital transition period after newly forming, every little helps towards keeping football in the town.

If you would like to register your interest for the next competition please email or text 07931923720.