ADVENTURE AS went to Billhook Lake for their latest fixture and match secretary Nick Sargent scored with 89lb 1oz of carp and silverfish on pole and maggot, consistent Steve Hunt put 59lb 8oz of mixed on the scales all falling to the method feeder, Mick Fordham weighed in 56lb 14oz of carp on pole and pellet followed by Graham (Shaggy) Shadwell on 56lb. Sixteen fished and caught.

Thirteen Kennet Ospreys went to a rock hard Dandys Ford where Simon (The God) Kiefer caught an even 29lb of carp on pole and corn, match organiser Pete Wooldridge used the same tactics for his 27lb 9oz of carp whilst Jim Sims made up the frame with 18lb 7oz on pole and maggot.

Staceys Match Group fished their latest fixture at New Barlows where Chris (Rabbit) Barratt topped out with 60lb of carp on pole and maggot, Steve Davies was on cue with 28lb 5oz of mixed on pole and caster, Paul (The Enforcer) Follington used pole and corn for his 25lb 3oz. Thirteen fished and caught.

Camrose AC were at Whitehouse Lake for their latest fixture and Jason (The Paste) Marcham won it with 28lb 14oz of carp on pole and pellet Darren Goddard’s 13lb 7oz was a pole and worm affair whilst Pete Morris caught 10lb 12oz. Eleven fished and caught.

Basingstoke Railway Piscatorials went to Soke Road Lake on Saturday last and it turned out to be the Alan Wells show, drawn on the telegraph poles peg 40lb of match winning carp entered the sack, Alan’s peg was also the lucky peg so more cash came his way, his luck didn’t end there as the telegraph poles was also the golden peg that hadn’t been won for over a year, in total over £280 entered the Wells pocket, so good luck to him. Club Chairman Dave Edwards came second on 14lb 14oz followed by Keith Brown’s 10lb 12oz. Eleven fished and Colin Ariss did not catch.

This week Ospreys are at Bowsaw Lake, Adventure go to New Barlows, Camrose are at Whitehouse, Oxoid are at Whitehouse on 10th November with the Railway Club at Cheriton Farm on Saturday 9th November.

Catch me next week.