PLANS to build a new football stadium as the home ground for Basingstoke Town Community Football Club have been delayed because funds to develop it are being held by a private company.

Kevin White, board member of the community club, announced on November 1 that his hopes for the club to move into a new home at Winklebury Sports Complex - the base of Hampshire Football Association – at the end of this year will not become a reality.

He said Basron, the development company which has submitted a planning application for work to the old Camrose site, has been asked to make amendments to their original plans, which will delay the release of funds to develop the Winklebury site.

As previously reported in the Gazette, planning permission was sought from Basron, which owns the Camrose site, for residential and commercial use of the land.

This left the club without a ground and they were evicted from The Camrose, their home for more than 50 years.

With no income and entering a crucial season, the club tried to negotiate financial support from Basingstoke Town Football Club Limited and Basron to help with the extensive renovations needed to develop the Winklebury site.

However, the club said Basron will not release the funds until their planning application is approved.

“Currently, we will not get a penny of funding for the necessary ground improvements at Winklebury rightly due from Basron until they achieve planning permission at the Camrose site,” Mr White explained.

Basron has also submitted a further application to build a residential are home at the old ground.

Mr White added: “Basron had previously stated that they were confident planning approval for the first Camrose phase was expected in August or September although that now continues to be pushed back. Had that happened, that would have released an initial tranche of money which would have allowed a start on the upgrades at Winklebury.”

The club have, however, finalised plans for the ground improvements at Winklebury with an official from the Southern League, to create a ‘like for like’ ground to the same level as Camrose.

Club chairman Terry Brown, has also agreed an extension to the club’s ground share agreement with Winchester City until the end of January as a precaution against further delays.

He said: “Winchester City have been fantastic with us so far this season. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Winchester City and their staff for allowing us to continue to play.”