ADVENTURE fished their latest fixture at Soke Road Lake and Robin Guppy scored with 72lb 8oz of carp on the pole, maggot and groundbait, Gary Knight put 43lb 6oz of carp in the sack on pole and pellet, Simon (The God) Kiefer caught 42lb on pole, pellet and corn, Graham Spiller put 39lb 14oz in the net using pole and bread.

Sixteen fished and caught.

Camrose AC took themselves to Dandys Ford Fishery where Darren (Dodgy) Brown drew well, fished well, and won well with 60lb 1oz of carp on pole and pellet. Tony Holdsworth utilised pole and worm for his 51lb 8oz of carp, Chris (Rabbit) Barrett pole and corned it for his 30lb 9oz whilst Bryan Swindle caught 28lb 9oz of carp for fourth spot. Sixteen fished and caught.

Kennet Ospreys were at Billhook Lake on Sunday last, where Dwayne Seed put 81lb 5oz of carp on the scales to win the match using pole, worm and meat. Pete Wooldridge caught 67lb 9oz including 19lb of silver fish on pole and a variety of baits, venue expert Terry Bowles used pole and paste for his 54lb 12oz of mixed. Thirteen fished and weighed.

This Saturday Basingstoke Railway Club are fishing at Whitehouse Lake, on Sunday Oxoid AC will be going to New Barlows Lake, Adventure travel to Watmore Fishery, whilst Kennet Ospreys are at Greenridge Farm Fishery.

With the onset of wet and not so warm weather Tadley Angling’s Andy Wicks tells me of an upsurge in wet suit and umbrella sales, on checking what’s available I find that £50 will buy you an adequate suit or you can spend £250 on a top of the range number, umbrellas range from £40 to £100, and a little bird tells me that there is a half price sale on some items.

Catch me next week.