A DISAPPOINTING 14 anglers turned out for the Barney Barrington Memorial on the River Thames at Wallingford.

However, the anglers enjoyed the spirit of the occasion even though the weights were low.

Fittingly Sean Barrington won the match with 11lb 7oz of mixed using stick float and caster. Richard Rosinski utilised the pole and maggot for his even 10lb of mainly roach whilst John Jackson caught 8lb 6oz.

Thanks go to Alan Hughes and Mick Sheasby for making the event possible and to Reading and District AA for the use of their venue.

Adventure went to Greenridge Farm on Sunday last, where Mike Allen did the business with 128lb of carp on pole, pellet and worm.

Graham (Shaggy) Shadwell used pole and worm for his 110lb 8oz of carp, match secretary Nick Sargent fished with pole and meat for his 103lb 12oz, Steve Hunt made up the frame on 101lb 4oz. Fifteen fished and caught.

Camrose AC fished their latest match at New Barlows Lake, where match secretary Pip Seeny was a popular winner with 34lb 7oz of carp on pole and corn, Darren (Dodgy) Brown caught bream for his 31lb 10oz falling to pole and worm, Bryan Swindle’s 19lb of carp was a pole and pellet affair, whilst Mike Gravening weighed in 17lb 14oz. Fourteen fished and caught.

Basingstoke Railway Club were at Soke Rod Lake for their latest match and Staceys Supremo Keith Brown continued his winning ways with 48lb 2oz including a 13lb 2oz carp caught on pole and worm.

Ben Truman hopped into second spot with a pole and maggot caught 28lb 7oz of carp.

Lyn Matthews pole and magged it for her even 24lb. Twelve fished and caught.

Ospreys match at Court Farm saw Simon (The God) Kiefer win with a pole and meat caught 123lb of carp, evergreen Pat Hollies caught 92lb on pole and paste. Nine fished and caught.

Catch me next week.