THE hockey season pushes back for Basingstoke Hockey Club this weekend with #HockeyFest on Saturday, writes BECKY DONALDSON.

The Minis start from 9am and adults from 10am, you can find out more on this on the club’s Facebook page.

If you are interested in starting up hockey for the first time, or getting back into it at after a break, now is the time.

The day continues with Men’s first and second friendlies to watch as well as a barbecue.

With the coming season approaching, Basingstoke Hockey Club are excited that building work is really moving along on their much anticipated second pitch this week.

They are hoping that it will be playable by Christmas, alleviating the many Saturday matches that currently overspill to Eastleigh.

As the Club goes from strength to strength, the pitch is vital.

Their increasing membership, comprising 13 adult teams and 200+ junior members and it will grow further as they welcome players returning to the sport, or trying out Back2Hockey this summer.

Their Ladies 1s are about to embark upon the Club’s first ever season in the National Leagues, and they have National caps throughout the Men’s and Ladies sections, hockey has never been better in Basingstoke.

Basingstoke Hockey club are pleased to announce that they are supporting the Hockey Heroes initiative from England Hockey starting Saturday, October 6.

Hockey Heroes is a fun and welcoming six week programme aimed at children aged five to eight that aims to develop both their physical and character ‘superpowers’, unlocking the hero inside them.

It’s aimed at beginners and really helps children develop physical hockey superpowers such as dribbling, passing and goal scoring, but also places as much emphasis on character development superpowers including teamwork, communication, perseverance and respect.

Basingstoke Hockey Club want children to have lots of fun, experience lots of success, and feel like a hero to boost their confidence, and ensure a positive experience of physical activity and sport that will have a beneficial effect in the rest of their life.

All welcome the cost is just £32 for six sessions, two sticks, a ball and a personalised t-shirt.

Sign up by searching for your postcode or Basingstoke via

Finally, with presence on the National Hockey stage, Basingstoke Hockey Club continue to seek sponsors, with new and exciting options not yet taken; if you are interested in becoming a supporter, please contact