LODDON Vale Bowling Club is holding their Open Day on Saturday, September 7 from 10am until 4pm. Refreshments will be available and all are welcome, writes MAVIS GUEST.

Sadly Loddon Vale's winning streak in the EIBA Fantastic 5 competition has come to an end.

After ending the area heats at joint first, they lost the area final against a club in Swanley 6-2.

Summer friendlies are continuing with mixed results.

A friendly against Howard Park, in their celebratory year, resulted in Loddon Vale winning 102-52, winning skips were Mo Saunders,Terry Long and Norman Leverton.

Loddon Vale also won their game against Camberley by 119-114. Winning skips were Ian Laming, Jeff Whit and Geoff Green.

In thee recent games against West Berks, Loddon Vale did not do so well and lost 105-78 and the winning skips were Martin Wells and Geoff Green.

The last friendly of the summer season was played against West Berks and was a very close game resulting in West Berks winning by 97-92 shots. 

They had three winning teams which were skipped by Ian Laming, Terry Long and Geoff Green.