KENNET Ospreys match at Court Farm put Graham Shadwell in top place with 138lb 3oz of carp on pole and paste, Simon Coombs used the same tactics for his 116lb 13oz of carp, Anthony Thomas pole and corned it for his 98lb 5oz with venue expert Steve Hunt netting 87lb 6oz on pole and meat. Fifteen fished and caught.

Camrose AC had their latest fixture at Whitehouse Lake where in form Chris Hopgood topped the field with 41lb 12oz of bream on worm over groundbait, Adrian Bartle caught 28lb 8oz of mixed on pole and pellet followed by Darren Goddard on 26lb 8oz and Jason (The Paste) Marcham’s 19lb 8oz. Fifteen fished and weighed.

Basingstoke Railway Club’s Saturday match at Wilow Park put Stacey Supremo Keith Brown in pole position with 83lb of carp on pole and maggot (what else), Trevor Matthews did well from an unfancied swim to net 55lb 8oz, Alan Wells caught 48lb 12oz followed by Lyn Matthews 41lb 8oz. Fifteen fished and caught.

Adventure AS were at Bowsaw Lake on Sunday last where Colin Shepherd topped the field with 116lb 4oz of carp on pole and meat, in form Robin Guppy used pole and pellet for his 104lb of carp, Mick Fordham came next on 77lb 8oz. Thirteen fished and caught.

Stacey Match Group’s match at Soke Road Lake saw Keith Brown make it two wins in two days with 56lb of carp on pole and maggot, Peter Stevens 50lb 6oz was a pole and maggot affair followed by Kevin Roberts with 48lb 7oz on pole and caster. Thirteen fished and caught.

This coming week puts Adventure on Bowsaw Lake, Kennet Ospreys at Dandys Ford and Camrose are on Willow Pool.

‘Er indoors has invested in a new strimmer, that will make life a bit easer for her.

Catch me next week