STACEYS Supremo Keith Brown ran his his annual charity match on Sunday last, spread over four venues, 62 anglers took part and raised a staggering £2,137 and 1p on the day due to donations,

a raffle and a breakfast and after match barbecue, St Michaels Hospice wll be the recipient, a worthy cause indeed, thanks to all participants.

Staceys Match Group were at Soke Road Lake where Steve Davis topped out on 37lb 8oz, Bobby Smith took second place on 36lb 8oz. The two section winners were Dave Church with 20lb and Sam Skilton on 26lb 8oz. Seventeen fished and weighed.

Camrose AC went to New Barlows and Darren (Dodgy) Brown kept up his winning ways with 65lb 8oz, Paul Bassinder put 24lb 4oz in the sack followed by Jason (The Paste) Marcham with 19lb 14oz. Fifteen fished and caught (just).

Adventure AS were on their Willow Pool and Robin Guppy did the business with 74lb 8oz, Darren Wright caught 43lb 8oz followed by Nick Sargent on 33lb 8oz. Seventeen took part and weighed.

Basingstoke Railway Club went to Whitehouse Lake and Keith Brown did the business with 54lb 10oz, John Hooley came next with 44lb 1oz followed by Alan Wells on 33lb 5oz. Fourteen fished and caught.

Away from the charity event Kennet Ospreys took themselves to Billhook Lake where Ian Jones scored with 65lb 4oz of carp on pole and meat, Nigel Cornwell utilised pole and corn for his 57lb 9oz of carp, “Top Two” Terry Bowles netted 56lb 9oz for third followed by Doug Wright on 52lb 3oz. Twenty one fished a tight event and all caught.

Oxoid AC went to Dandys Ford Canal for their fixture and match secretary Peter Lovegrove scored with 24lb 2oz of mixed on pole and pellet, Lee Pointer put 19lb 2oz on the scales for second spot followed by George Coomber on 17lb 2oz. Nine fished and caught.

‘Er indoors is mowing the lawn as I write this tome, I will have to buy her a less noisy machine.

Catch me next week.