ADVENTURE AS fished their All Winners Match on the club’s Willow Pool last Sunday and consistent Robin Guppy won with 68lb 8oz of carp on the pellet waggler, Simon (The God) Kiefer fished the margins on corn for his 61lb of carp.

Graham Spiller pellet wagged it for 53lb 8oz whilst Darren Wright weighed in 46lb 2oz. Nineteen fished and caught.

Osprey visited Billhook Lake for their match and Doug Wright got it right weighing 86lb 9oz of mixed on the pole and expanders.

Graham Shadwell also had a mixed bag of 65lb 12oz on various baits, Steve Shepherd used odds and ends for his 65lb 5oz of mixed, Les Humphries fished with pole and corn for 63lb 7oz.

Sixteen fished and weighed.

Camrose AC went to Old Barlows Lake last Sunday and Darren (Dodgy) Brown won the match with 12lb 12oz of mixed on pole and maggot, Darren Goddard caught 10lb 8oz of carp on pole and bread followed by Pete Morris who weighed in an even 10lb. Twelve fished three did not weigh.

Basingstoke Railway Club went to Willow Park Small Lake last Saturday where Paul Dyer won with 45lb 2oz of carp on the method feeder.

Staceys Supremo Keith Brown was second with 39lb 12oz of carp on pole and maggot, I managed 36lb of carp on pole and meat followed by Rob Carr on 30lb 6oz. Fourteen fished and caught.

Staceys Match Group went to Soke Road Lake on Sunday last where Steve Davis was on cue for the win with 45lb 4oz of carp on pole and pellet, Kevin Roberts also fished pole and pellet for his 36lb of mixed, Paul (The Enforcer) Follington weighed in 34lb on pole and paste. Thirteen fished all caught.

Oxoid AC went to Witherington Farm Cottage Lake for their latest match, Del Baulsom won it with 66lb 10oz of bream and carp on pole and maggot, Pete Matthews and Peter Lovegrove both weighed in 49lb 12oz respectively on pole and maggot. Six fished and caught.

Catch me next week.