ADVENTURE AS went to the middle lake at Gold Valley on Sunday last, where Robin Guppy squeezed home with 39lb 12oz of F1 carp on pole and pellet, 4oz behind was Scott (Meatloaf) Nelson whose 39lb 2oz was a pole, groundbait and worm catch, Pat Hollies put 38lb 14oz in the sack, followed by Simon Kiefer with 38lb 10oz. Twenty two fished and all caught.

Camrose AC took themselves to Soke Road Lake for their latest match and in form Colin Thomas fished with pole and paste for 46lb 4oz of carp, Bryan Swindle used pole and pellet for his 26lb of mixed, John Ambrose used pole and paste for his 25lb of mixed, Tony Holdsworth’s 23lb 8oz was a pole and caster catch. Eighteen fished.

Staceys Match Group were at Willow Park Small Lake for their match, where Tadley Angling’s Andy Wicks won with 50lb 6oz of carp on pole and pellet. Scott Butler was second on 45lb 10oz on pole and dead red maggots. Vinny Bonnick caught 36lb on pole and pellet. Fourteen fished and caught.

Basingstoke Railway Club’s Saturday fixture at Cheriton Farm saw Keith Brown win with 117lb 4oz of carp on pole and maggot, Trevor Matthews put 79lb 8oz in the sack on pole and maggot followed by yours truly with 64lb on pole and paste. Twelve fished and caught.

Oxoid AC went to Witherington Farm’s Selwood Lake where Peter Lovegrove won with 29lb 14oz of mixed on pole and maggot, Del Baulsom caught 21lb 4oz of mixed on pole and mag, closely followed by George Coomber with 21lb 2oz. Seven fished and caught.

Due to some anglers unhappy with the choice of venue and the usual moaners jumping on the band wagon only seven anglers fished the Kennet Ospreys match at Watmore Farm, however the seven weighed in 309lb 10oz. Steve Hunt led the field with 67lb 5oz, Les Humphries recorded 66lb 7oz, Phil Rogers caught 52lb 15oz, but the catch of the day was Simon Couling’s 31lb 11oz of silver fish.

Catch me next week.