BASINGSTOKE Town’s current management team of Martin Kuhl and Dan Brownlie will remain at the club for their first season at the Winklebury Stadium.

Kuhl joined last season and along with Brownlie was unable to stop Town being relegated on the final day of the season.

However, to be fair to Kuhl his hands tied with player recruitment, so this time around he will be able to build the team he wants.

The community club have also signed a new management deal with the Hampshire FA.

Terry Brown, chairman of the community club said: “We have a very good relationship with Hampshire FA and everything is going in the right direction off the field.”

Talking about the Town's management team for next season.

Brown said: Martin and Dan are a good team and at the moment they talking to players about next season.”

“The budget is going to tight and we are returning to the model where we will going full time and have a young team, with players released by other teams.

“They will train at Winklebury with Martin everyday and hopefully as we did in the past with the likes of Aaron Jarvis and Rob Atkinson we will be able to sell on some of the players."

Brown is very excited about the future, as the club is set to blend its Junior Premier League teams and Academy into a clear journey to take players all the way to the first team.

On Wednesday night, over 40 volunteers turned up for meeting as to how they could help the club and Brown said: “Volunteers are vital to this club and we have make sure they know they are valued at the club. This is what my old club AFC Wimbledon do so well."