KENNET Osprey’s match at Willow Park Middle Lake was a grueller to say the least, with bites at a premium, Doug Wright did well to top out with an all carp catch of 33lb 6oz on pole and pellet, evergreen Pat Hollies also used pole and pellet for his 24lb 6oz of carp. Simon Coombs 19lb 9oz of carp was caught on the hybrid method feeder whilst Gerry Nickells weighed in 13lb 13oz. Eighteen fished and caught, just.

Adventure AS fished their latest fixture at Billhook Lake and it was in form Darren Wright who got it right and won the match with 72lb 8oz of mixed on pole, corn and worm, Robin Guppy caught 68lb of mixed carp and silvers on pole and maggot, Mark Blackmon caught 54lb 8oz of carp on pole and pellet, Steve Hunt made up the frame with 50lb 4oz. Fifteen fished and caught.

Camrose AC fished at Dandys Ford on Sunday last where Darren (Dodgy) Brown put pole and paste to good use and won with 46lb of carp, Adrian Bartle caught 36lb of carp on pole and pellet, Paul (The Enforcer) Follington also caught 36lb on pole and corn, match secretary Pip Seeny made up the frame with 34lb 12oz of carp on the pole and a variety of baits. Fourteen fished and weighed.

Basingstoke Railway Piscatorials trip to Court Farm on Saturday last produced exceptionally low weights for the venue, Staceys Supremo Keith Brown won the event on the method feeder, accounting for 40lb 4oz of carp, Lyn Matthews fished with pole and maggot for her even 32lb of carp, Dave Edwards put 27lb on the scales using pole and meat and John Hooley weighed in 25lb. Fourteen fished some struggled.

Camrose go to Cheriton Farm this coming Sunday, Adventure are at Watmore Farm Fishery, Kennet Ospreys are fishing on Bowsaw Lake whilst Basingstoke Railway Club will be at Cheriton Farm on Saturday week.

Catch me next week