THREE teenage students from the United Sport Karate Organisation Karate Club based in Kempshott have passed their black belt grading.

This completed a journey that has taken them nearly nine years the three students have shown, resilience, determination and dedication in order to achieving this amazing goal.

The trio Lucy Routledge, Maddison Spratling and Ethan Lomax, trained alongside 100 other students at the organisation’s spring course at Queen Mary’s College.

With eight instructors running workshops throughout the three hour course, where the students had to demonstrate all aspects of their Black Belt syllabus, including, line work, kata, kihons, sparring, and bag work.

They were awarded their belts in front of their classmates and parents at the Kempshott club, which now boasts an amazing 17 Black Belts in the senior class.

Andy Hobday Chief instructor said: “This is a huge achievement for anyone let alone for someone who is a teenager. There are no shortcuts in martial arts as these three have found out.”

The club meets every Friday at the Kempshott Village Hall from 6-7pm (children) and 7-8pm (teens/adults). Ring Andy Hobday on 07973 562752 or email to book a free of charge taster session.