KENNET Ospreys match at Greenridge Farm gave Steve Hunt a runaway victory with 180lb 2oz of carp, caught on meat under the pole, Richard Burford put 66lb 8oz of pole and pellet caught carp in the sack for second spot followed by Graham Shadwell’s 66lb 5oz caught on pole and paste, Glen Wills made up the frame with 65lb 1oz. Eighteen fished an obliging venue.

Camrose AC were at Soke Road Lake on Sunday last and it was Darren (Dodgy) Brown who took the honours with 32lb of pole and corn caught carp on the pole and maggot, Bryan Swindles 22lb 2oz was also a carp, pole and mag affair, whilst Les Partridge weighed in 19lb 4oz. Sixteen fished and caught.

Adventure AS went to New Barlows Lake, where Kevin Holmes did the business with 61lb 2oz of bream and carp on pole and maggot, the best bream weighed 8lb 8oz, match secretary Nick Sargent’s 49lb 6oz was also a bream and carp bag caught on pole and corn, Dave Stratford-Way netted 33lb 6oz of bream on pole and pellet. Twelve fished and weighed.

Basingstoke Railway Club were at Cheriton Farm last Saturday and John Hooley took the honours with 51lb 4oz of carp on pole and maggot, Lyn Matthews fished a similar method for her 44lb of carp as did Staceys Supremo Keith Brown for his 36lb, whilst Rob Carr (Superstar) caught an even 28lb. Thirteen fished and caught.

Staceys Match Grooup went to Whitehouse Lake on Sunday last and it was Tadley Angling’s Paul Cripps who got off his chair to win with 79lb of bream on worm and castor under the pole, Kevin Roberts caught 69lb of mixed on pole and pellet, Daniel (Shrek) Butler caught 49lb 8oz of bream on pole and pellet followed by Andy Wicks with 36lb. Thirteen fished and caught.

With the weather on the change again I fear ‘er indoors will be whisking me away to sunnier climes, it’s so regular now that I’m on first name terms with the customs officials.

Catch me next week.