With the weekend weather as it was, atrocious, the anglers who braved the elements were either brave or insane, knowing most of the local piscators the latter would be more apt.

Camrose AC were at Soke Road Lake on Sunday last and Jason (The Paste) Marcham returned to winning ways with 39lb of carp on pole and maggot match secretary Pip Seeny netted 31b of mixed on pole and maggot, Chris Hopgood also used pole and maggot for his 26lb 8oz of carp with Colin Thomas weighing in 19lb 4oz. Thirteen fished and caught.

Kennet Ospreys were on the Middle Lake at Willow Park Fishery, where Simon (The God) Kiefer drew the only windless swim on the venue, something to do with his celestial powers I guess and won the match with 44lb 9oz of carp and bream on cage feeder and maggot. Yours truly fished in the teeth of a howling gale and caught 33lb 4oz of mixed on pellet feeder and wafter, Bartosz Recki netted a large carp on the whistle to record 24lb 10oz and third spot. Eleven fished and caught.

Adventure AC were at Crowsports Lake on Sunday last and Paul Worstencroft did the business, netting 36lb 8oz of carp on the maggot feeder, Mike Allen caught a super 22lb of roach on pole and caster, match secretary Nick Sargent made up the frame with one carp on the tip for 10lb 8oz. Ten fished four blanked.

This coming Sunday puts Oxoid AC on Witherington Farm Inner, Adventure are on a silverfish match at Watmore Farm, Camrose AC will be at Dandys Ford Fishery whilst Kennet Osprey are going to Bowsaw Lake.

I was in Tadley Angling last Saturday and I could not help but notice the amount of new stock on the premises, this plus a good cross section of club anglers in situ bodes well for the future.

I hope the person who stole a set of the Kennet Ospreys scales at Willow Park last Sunday gets good use out of them.

Catch me next week.