VOLUNTEERING is a family affair for the Sadler family as Mark won the Senior Volunteer title and daughter Gemma Sadler took the Junior title.

Gemma had no idea what was happening as she headed to the stage to join her parents, where mum Zoe Sadler was stood as she was also a finalist in the Senior category, but was pipped to the award by her husband.

Mark leads the technical team for Basingstoke Bluefins swimming competitions.

Without this team, any swimming gala would not be able to operate.

The revenue from swimming competitions is an essential income stream for swimming clubs and Mark’s efficiency in running meets enables the events to run smoothly and to maximise the amount of individual swims per gala.

The higher the number of swims, the greater the revenue is generated, so Mark’s role is vital to the ongoing operations of the club.

The 50-year-old is also a well-respected member of the County and Regional Technical teams and he plays a key role in making sure that the County and Regional Championships are run professionally, and efficiently.

His daughter Gemma at only 15 is already qualified to officiate up to county level.

The Sherfield School pupil said: “I am following in the footsteps of my parents and I really enjoy it.”

Mark urged other to get involved with sport as he started after just sitting by the poolside watching members of this family compete.

He said: “Every parent should volunteer, it is so much better to get involved and every club is crying out for volunteers.”