CAMROSE AC were at New Barlows Lake for their latest fixture, and it was Paul (The Enforcer) Follington who did the business with 29lb 2oz of carp on pole and maggot.

Chris Hopgood put 26lb of carp in the sack using pole and worm for second spot. Pat Finn pole and magged it for his 13lb 1oz whilst John Ambrose caught an even 9lb.

Fourteen fished and caught.

Adventure AS travelled to Milton Pools for a silver fish match and Darren Wight sorted it best with 21lb 4oz of roach and skimmers on pole and casters.

Colin Shepherd’s 19lb 12oz of skimmers and roach was a pole and caster catch, Mark Blackmon’s 16lb 8oz of silvers was again a pole and caster catch whilst Gary Hermon used the feeder for his 14lb 4oz.

Twelve fished and caught.

Kennet Ospreys trip to an out of form Dandys Ford put Simon (The God) Kiefer in the driving seat for the second week in a row, utilising pole and corn 29lb 6oz of carp was his reward, Bartosz Recki caught 24lb of carp on pole and maggot for second place followed by Steve Shepherd’s 21lb 4oz of carp on pole and bread punch.

Ten fished and all caught just.

This coming week Adventure go to Panshill Fishery, Ospreys will be at Greenridge Farm whilst Camrose are at Whitehouse Lake, lets hope the weather is kind.

It’s obvious that conditions in winter time deter club turnouts, but there is a worrying downward trend in participation, I will be talking to match secretaries for their views on this and write about their conclusions.

Catch me next week.