TWENTY nine Kennet Osprey members went to Gold Valley Middle Lake for their Christmas Match on Sunday last, and with the venue in poor form Dwayne Seed topped out with 14lb 3oz of F1 carp on pole, maggot and maggot feeder.

Gerry Nickells put 10lb 8oz in the sack on maggot feeder followed by Bartosz Recki who pole and magged it for 7lb 6oz of F1 carp, Graham Shadwell caught 6lb 13oz including one proper carp for fourth spot on pole and maggot.

The only sour note of the day was the prize giving and presentation had to be enacted in the site tackle shop as the restaurant and seating area was full, which beggars the question have anglers become second class citizens at Gold Valley?

Camrose AC went to Soke Road Lake on Sunday last where Paul (The Enforcer) Follington used pole and maggot for his 22lb 2oz of carp, Pat Finn also caught on pole and maggot weighing 11lb 8oz of carp. John Swindle came next with 11lb 4oz of carp again on pole and maggot, whilst Paul Bassinder weighed in 8lb 4oz. Fourteen fished with three blanks.

Adventure AS were at Beech Hill Fishery in Bracknell last Sunday and Darren Wright topped out with twelve carp on pole and bread for 22lb 10oz, Mike Allen caught 16lb 8oz of goldfish on pole and maggot followed by Graham Spiller with 14lb 12oz of roach and skimmers on pole and mag. Steve Palmer caught 13lb 12oz. Twelve fished and caught.

Another Christmas is upon us and with Tadley Angling Centre changing hands and Bartosz Recki late of Batobaits now ensconced in Tackle Up in Fleet and the Fishing Republic at Sherfield on Loddon catering for all fishing needs in abundance, the lack of a tackle shop in Basingstoke has been nullified somewhat.

All that is left for me to do is wish all anglers whatever their disciplines and all tackles businesses a Happy and Prosperous Christmas and New Year.

Catch me next week