CAMROSE AC went to Whitehouse Lake on Sunday last where Brian Orchard did the business with 47lb 8oz of carp and bream on pole and pellet. John Swindle enlisted the same method for his even 27lb of carp, Adrian Bartle employed the cage feeder for 21lb with John Ambrose on 15lb. Fourteen fished and caught.

Adventure AS fished their latest match at Soke Road Lake and it was Gary Knight who topped out with 69lb 12oz of carp on pole and maggot, match secretary Nick Sargent’s 44lb 10oz was a pole and corn affair, Graham Spiller’s 42lb 12oz of carp just edged out Alan Chadbone’s 42lb 10oz, Nick Sargent asked me to mention a blank by Robin Guppy. Fourteen fished and caught bar one.

Basingstoke Railway Club were at Cheriton Farm for their latest venue, where Staceys Supremo Keith Brown drew the car park bank yet again and won with 82lb of carp on pole and maggot, I fluked second spot with 78lb of carp on pole and maggot, John Hooley used the same method for 69lb. Thirteen fished and weighed.

Kennet Ospreys match at Court Farm saw only ten anglers fish, Steve Hunt did his usual and won with 102lb 5oz on pole, meat and pellet as did Terry Bowles who netted 66lb 5oz for second spot with Simon (The God) Kiefer weighing in 53lb 7oz for third place, all who fished caught.

Stacey’s March Group were at Court Farm for their match where Kevin Roberts caught 58lb of carp on the feeder, Keith Brown’s 52lb of carp was good enough for second followed by Scott Butler on 39lb 12oz. Twelve fished and caught.

With the onset of colder weather weights are starting to tumble, so feed and bait has to be cut back to compensate for the lack of underwater activity, but the knowledgeable anglers will compensate accordingly, for us less fortunate individuals little and often are the watch words.

Catch me next week.