ADVENTURE AS went to Panshill Fishery near Oxford last Sunday and on an F1 carp dominated water Robin Guppy topped the field with 156lb on pole and pellet, Graham Shadwell’s 108lb 10oz also fell to pole and pellet, Mike Allen put 103lb in the sack on pole and mag in a ton up frame. Twelve fished and weighed.

Sixteen Kennet Osprey went to a below par Dandys Ford Fishery on Sunday last where Kevin Downer won with 26lb 10oz of carp on pole and mag. Steve Shepherd caught 25lb 7oz on pole and corn for second, Pete Newman’s 24lb 7oz made third. Not all weighed.

Camrose AC were at Whitehouse Lake last week and Colin Thomas scored yet again using pole and paste for his 25lb 4oz of carp just beating Paul Bassinder on 25lb 3oz of carp on pole and mag. Bill Atkinson used pole and pellet for his 23lb 8oz. Twelve fished and caught.

Oxoid AC were at Charlies Lake last Sunday where Leigh Punter won with 6lb 6oz of carp on pole and mag, Del Baulsom’s bag of bits weighed 4lb 10oz followed by 3lb 15oz caught by Tom Oates. Seven fished and all caught.

Stacey’s March Group were at Court Farm for their match where Kevin Roberts caught 58lb of carp on the feeder, Keith Brown’s 52lb of carp was good enough for second followed by Scott Butler on 39lb 12oz. Twelve fished and caught.

Alfie Noon for so long a member of the local angling fraternity passed away recently Alfie with his fishing partner Sid Orsborne were synonymous with hemp and tare fishing on the River Kennet in the late 1960s and 1970s, accounting for many big bags of roach with many 2lb specimens included.

Latterly Alfie was the waterside face of Staceys Angling Club, being a bailiff for the last eight years. His other speciality was moaning, in fact the last time I spoke to him he was moaning about having nothing to moan about, alas he is no more.

Alfie was 87 years of age and will be sadly missed by all who knew him. His funeral will be on Monday 12th November at 11.45am at Basingstoke Crematorium. Our thoughts are with his family at this sad time, RIP Alfie

Catch me next week.