LODDON Vale had a busy weekend, although not all of which was successful, writes MAVIS GUEST.

The men played the first round of the Denny Cup against Bournemouth and lost 63-89. There only winning rink was skipped by Trevor Morgan and the other rinks were skipped by Gary Lovett, Steve Shaw and Geoff Green.

Loddon Vale played the Top Club competition against Palmerston and lost 6-4 on points, with the overall score 80-81. The winning games were the ladies singles and the mixed pairs.

Dolphin at Poole travelled to Basingstoke for a friendly game and lost to Loddon 158-128. Rink scores and skips were as follows Mo Saunders (27-8), Alan Tait (27-9), Ian Laming (21-12), Tony Miller (20-14), Graham Jordan (18-16), John Holmes (22-25), Adrian Bush (11-18) and Derek Banks (12-26).

The following weekend, Loddon lost 148-102 to Hampshire Patrons.

There were two winning rinks skipped by Ian Laming 26-15 and Geoff Green 29-17 and the other rinks were skipped by Ian Gourlay, Adrian Bush, Mo Saunders and Brian Ambler.

Loddon Vale lost to East Dorset 161-131. The winning skips were Roger Banister 26-11, Colin Stinchcombe 22-20 and Stuart Logan 21-19. Other skips were Laming, Bush and Paul Knowles.