ADVENTURE AS fished their latest match on the prolific middle lake at the Gold Valley Complex, where the main quarry is F1 carp and bream.

Graham Spiller sorted it best with 67lb of bream and FI’s on pole and maggot, Gary Hermon caught purely Fi carp for his 58lb 4oz again on pole and maggot, Steve Hunt also used pole and maggot for his 55lb 4oz, with Gary Knight breaking the trend and using pole and pellet for his 49lb 12oz of F1 carp.

Eighteen fished an interesting venue.

Basingstoke Railway Piscatorials fished their rods only event on Dandys Ford Fishery and it was lady angler Lyn Matthews who put the men in their place by topping out with 59lb of carp caught on maggot.

Hubby Trevor Matthews had to settle for second best with 58lb of carp caught close in on maggot, John Hooley drew the golden peg but could not capitalise finishing third with 51lb on the feeder while Staceys Supremo Keith Brown made up the frame with 44lb on varying methods.

Eleven fished and caught.

Camrose AC went to Whitehouse Lake for their most recent match, where in form Colin Thomas topped out with a method feeder caught carp bag totalling 40lb 4oz.

Brian Orchard used pole and pellet for his 36lb 12oz of carp, Bill Atkinson caught bream and carp on pole and pellet for his 30lb 4oz of carp, whilst Pat Finn made up the frame with 24lb 4oz of mixed.

The eleven who fished caught.

The weather last Sunday played a big part in match turnouts, but those hardy souls who toughed it out had some reasonable results.

This coming Sunday’s fixtures put Adventure AC on Bowsaw Lake, Camrose AC are on Cheriton Farm Lake, Ospreys are booked on the Thames at Goring, if anyone wants to go that is, the Railway Club are going to New Barlows Lake on Sunday October 7.

I am back from my trip to Majorca but after last Sunday’s deluge I expect ‘er indoors will be thinking of sunnier climes yet again.

Catch me next week.