NINETEEN Kennet Ospreys were at Bowsaw Lake on Sunday last where Dan Carey won with 91lb 11oz of carp on bomb and pellet.

Giovanni Barbeto took second spot using the same method for 91lb 1oz of the same species, Colin Thomas put 87lb 10oz in the sack using the method feeder whilst Steve Shepherd utilised pole and pellet for his 77lb. All participants caught.

Adventure AS took themselves to Home Grange Lake at Finchampstead, where Gary Hermon used the banjo feeder and corn for his 84lb of carp. Mark Blackmon caught 55lb of carp on the method feeder with Graham Spiller just behind with 54lb 10oz caught on the pellet waggler, Alan Chadbone weighed in 47lb on the pellet wag and method. Sixteen fished and caught.

Basingstoke Railway Piscatorials went to Soke Road Lake for their match where the club treasurer Trevor Matthews was in the money, winning with 53lb 4oz of carp on pole and maggot (what else).

I managed to fluke second placed with 44lb 8oz of carp and tench on pole and paste, Rob Carr (Superstar) fished with pole and maggot for his 34lb 10oz, Staceys Supremo Keith Brown netted 33lb 8oz for fourth spot. Thirteen fished and caught.

Camrose AC went to Frobury Farm Lakes for their match, where Jason (The Paste) Marcham won with 38lb 6oz of carp on pole and paste, Brian Orchard fished chopped worm for his 24lb of carp and second spot, Chris Hopgood’s 19lb of mixed made up the frame. Twelve fished and caught.

There will not be a Barrington Memorial Match this year as a venue has not been booked, this inexcusable oversight should not have happened.

The match to honour one of Basingstoke’s finest anglers will take place next year.

Ospreys are at Court Farm this coming Sunday, Adventure go to Greenridge Farm, Camrose will be at Soke Road Lake whilst Basingstoke Railway Club’s next match is at Dandys Ford Fishery on 23rd September with Oxoid fishing their next match on October 28 at Willow Pool.

Catch me next week.