LAST Sunday’s weather was atrocious on all local club matches no matter where, it poured down for their durations coupled with a gusty wind it was a testament to the dedication of the anglers , madness was the word ‘er indoors used.

However, nineteen Kennet Ospreys went to Dandys Ford Fishery where Doug Wright got it right and weighed 139lb 9oz of pole and paste caught carp, Simon (The God) Kiefer put 75lb 12oz of carp in the sack, caught on pole and meat, Dan Shaw utilised pole and pellet for his 66lb 5oz, Nigel Cornwell caught 60lb 10oz for fourth. Some did not weigh.

Camrose AC were at Soke Road for their latest match and Colin Thomas did the business with 67lb 8oz of carp and bream on pole and paste, Bryan Swindle used pole and pellet for his 64lb 12oz of carp, match secretary Pip Seeny pole and “corned” it for his 62lb 4oz whilst John Swindle weighed in 34lb 3oz.

Fourteen fished and caught.

Adventure AS were on Whitehouse Lake for their latest fixture and Gary Knight topped out with 73lb 8oz of carp on pole and pellet. Dave Stratford-Way netted 68lb 10oz of carp again on pole and pellet, Scott (Meatloaf) Nelson had 61lb 4oz of mixed on chopped worm and caster, Kevin Smith weighed in 59lb 8oz.

Fourteen fished and caught.

This coming Sunday the Basingstoke Championships will take place on Adventure’s Willow Pool, Stacey’s Whitehouse, Old and New Barlows and Soke Road Lakes, Teams from Adventure, Oxiod AC, Basingstoke Railway Club, Kennet Ospreys and Camrose AC.

Camrose AC won the event last year and will be hard to beat this time.

There will be a pre-match breakfast barbecue starting at 7am at Whitehouse then off to the respective venues for the matches, before coming back to Whitehouse for the results, raffle, prize giving and a post match barbecue, as usual Stacey’s Supremo Keith Brown will be officiating and helping everyone put on weight.

Catch me next week.