THE Basingstoke Bison will announce their first import signing at tomorrow night’s season ticket evening at the Basingstoke Arena, which starts at 7.30pm.

This week also saw the release of their fixtures for the forthcoming season and player/coach Ashley Tait said: “We have a tough start playing some of the top northern teams, but it will give us a good idea of where we are at.”

The first home and away games in the league campaign will also count towards a new Southern Cup competition, with the top four qualifying for the semi-finals.

The full fixture list is as follows, all are league games, unless AC which is Autumn Cup and Ch being challenge games.

SEPTEMBER: 8 Peterboro’ (h) Ch 9 Peterboro’ (a) Ch 15 Sheffield (h) AC, 16 Sheffield (a) AC, 22 Hull (h) AC, 23 Hull (a) AC, 29 Raiders (h) 30 Invicta (a).

OCTOBER: 6 Telford (h) AC 7 Telford (a) AC, 13 Peterborough (h) 14 Raiders (a) 20 Milton K (h) 27 Invicta (h) 28 Bracknell (a).

NOVEMBER: 3 Streatham (h) 4 Peterboro’ (a) 10 Swindon (h) 11 Milton K (a) 17 Swindon (a) 24 Raiders (h) 25 Streatham (a).

DECEMBER: 1 Bracknell (h) 2 Milton K (a) 8 Streatham (h) 9 Invicta (a), 15 Peterboro’ (h) 16 Streatham (a) 22 Invicta (h) 23 Raiders (a) 28 Swindon (h) 30 Peterboro’ (a).

JANUARY: 4 Invicta (h) 5 Streatham (a) 11 Bracknell (h) 18 Milton K (h) 19 Bracknell (a) 25 Streatham (h) 26 Peterboro’ (a).

FEBRUARY: 8 Peterboro’ (h) 9 Milton K (a) 15 Swindon (a) 16 Swindon (h) 23 Raiders (a).

MARCH: 1 Raiders (h) 2 Swindon (a) 8 Bracknell (h) 9 Bracknell (a) 15 Milton K (h) Invicta (a).