DEE West-Attrill hopes that creating the Slough Sirens will give ladies ice hockey a better future after problems with the rink at Basingstoke.

West-Attrill managed Basingstoke Bison Ladies to win the National South Division One title last season, but took the decision to leave the Planet Ice Silverdome over fears the rink is deteriorating.

The newly-revamped Slough Ice Arena opened in April this year and officials were keen to have a new ladies team in the town.

West-Attrill told the Observer: “The rink at Basingstoke is not in great shape and we were worried that six months down the line it might close because it’s really deteriorating inside.

“Most of the squad from last season want to remain together but we didn’t want to take the risk of starting the season at Basingstoke if the rink is going to shut down.

“We’ve been doing really well as a team and noticed there was not a club in Slough, so as a collective we decided to start up the Slough Sirens.

“There are not a lot of ladies teams across the country and we just thought it would be a little better for our future as a group. Hopefully we’ve got more of a future now.

“We want to remain together because we enjoy the sport, but were worried the rink at Basingstoke would get worse.

“I put a request out and Slough were keen to have us. I’ve already spoken to contacts at the club and the plan in the long-term is to bring young girls into the senior squad. I want to bring more girls into the sport.”

West-Attrill continued: “It’s quite exciting because I became club manager only last year with new ideas on how to get things going and look more professional.

“I was unsure about the vote to move but am now excited to start training and really looking forward to the new season.

“I want to bring more girls into the sport and have had a few new players already contact me.

“We have 16 players from last season and had interest from others that are local to Slough, some that have played the sport before and others that are newly interested.”

Slough Sirens will run trial sessions for new players on August 6th, 13th and 20th from 9.45-10.45pm at the Slough Ice Arena in Montem Lane.

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