BEECHDOWN A and Totally Tennis A currently head the Basingstoke and District Men's Division One.

The Beechdown team drew with both Andover A and RSF A while Totally Tennis have started with wins against Overton A 7-1 and Winchester A 8-0.

Overton beat Winchester 7-1 and Waverley recorded a 5-3 win against the same team. Winchester beat RSF A 7-1.

Andover B have started with four straight wins to lead Division Two.

They have beaten Aldermaston A and Waverley B 8-0 and Goodworth Clatford A and Totally Tennis B 5-3.

The Totally Tennis team are in second place after wins against Hook 5-3 and Waverley B 6-2 along with draws against both Aldermaston A and Hampshire Court A.

The Aldermaston team beat Waverley B 6-2 and Goodworth Clatford won 6-2 against Old Basing.

Division Three looks like being a close run affair with just the one point separating the top five teams.

Oakley A are currently in the lead after three wins from three matches.

They beat Winchester B 8-0 and both Aldermaston B and Kingsclere B 5-3.

The Kingsclere team had wins against Goodworth Clatford 5-3 and Mortimer 7-1. Aldermaston have beaten Mortimer and Winchester B both 5-3.

The Preston Candover team have beaten Goodworth Clatford and Kingsclere 6-2 along with a draw against RSF B. Goodworth Clatford beat Winchester B 7-1 and RSF B also won against that team 5-3 and beat Mortimer 7-1. Beechdown B beat Mortimer 6-2.

Hampshire Court B head Division Four with three wins from their first three matches without dropping a set.

They beat BDH, Hook B and Sherborne. Waverley C beat BDH 7-1 and Hook B 8-0 along with a draw against Sherborne.

Beechdown C recorded wins over Hartley Wintney and Waverley C 6-2.

Oakley B are still unbeaten following draws with Beechdown C and Odiham B coupled with a 5-3 win against Sherborne. Hook B drew with Sherborne and Odiham B beat Hook B 8-0.

Andover currently lead the Ladies Division One with six points following wins against Hampshire Court A 6-2 and 5-3 over both Goodworth Clatford and Old Basing.

They did slip up 6-2 against Overton who also went on to beat Totally Tennis 7-1 and draw with Hampshire Court. Beechdown A beat both Hampshire Court and Old Basing 5-3 and lost to Totally Tennis 6-2.

Goodworth Clatford beat Totally Tennis 7-1 and drew with Hampshire Court.

In Division Two, both Aldermaston and Odiham A have 100 per cent records after three matches.

The Aldermaston team beat both Beechdown B and C 8-0 along with a 7-1 victory against Odiham B.

The Odiham A team have also beaten both Beechdown teams and their B team 5-3. Beechdown C have beaten their B team 6-2 and Winchester A 5-3.

Odiham B have won against Beechdown B 8-0 and Winchester A 6-2.

RSF beat Beechdown C 7-1 and drew with Odiham B. The same situation applies to Division Three with two teams winning their first three matches each.

Preston Candover have beaten Whitchurch 8-0 and Beechdown D and Hampshire Court B both 7-1.

Winchester B meanwhile have secured wins over Mortimer 8-0 and 6-2 against both Beechdown D and Whitchurch. Both Hampshire Court B and Mortimer beat Beechdown D 8-0 and then drew with each other. Goodworth Clatford B beat Beechdown D 8-0.

Goodworth Clatford head Mixed Division One after wins against Beechdown B 6-2 and Old Basing 5-3 but lost 7-1 to Andover who also beat RSF A 5-3 to be in second spot and unbeaten after two matches.

Beechdown A beat Old Basing 6-2 and Overton A won 6-2 over Totally Tennis A.

Division Two sees both Overton B and Hampshire Court A sharing top spot with three wins each apiece.

The Overton team have beaten both Oakley and Beechdown D 8-0 and Aldermaston A 6-2. Hampshire Court won against Beechdown D 8-0, Totally Tennis B 6-2 and Aldermaston A 5-3.

RSF B beat Odiham A 8-0 and Aldermaston A won 6-2 over Hook. Oakley have secured draws with both Beechdown D and Totally Tennis B with Hook beating RSF B 5-3.

Odiham A beat Totally Tennis 6-2. The Odiham B team lead Division Three after three 8-0 wins against Aldermaston B, Whitchurch A and their C team.

Beechdown C have opened with 2 wins against Odiham C 8-0 and Whitchurch B 6-2. New team Penton Mewsey beat both Preston Candover and Odiham C 5-3 but slipped up by the same score against Whitchurch B.

Mortimer beat Odiham C 6-2 and drew with Whitchurch A.

Preston Candover beat Hampshire Court B 7-1 and Whitchurch A recorded the same score against their B team. Aldermaston B beat Mortimer 5-3.