WHEN we became league champions, it was confirmed in Cardiff and then we were able to share that success in front of our fans the following week.

Last weekend fans and players enjoyed the achievement of winning the Play-offs at home and receiving their trophies straight after the game.

The atmosphere was electric as each member of the team was photographed individually and then the fans saw the team celebrate with the trophy.

I think that made the experience special for everyone.

A large number of fans had travelled to Peterborough for the first leg. We came away with a 1-1 draw so it was all to play for at home.

I thought we dominated the first period but lost momentum slightly after an extended break between the first and second periods.

Roman Malinik scored our two goals and deservedly picked up his man of the match award.

Ice Hockey is always exciting and can be dramatic, especially in play-off games. In the final minute of the game, Peterborough withdrew their netminder and won a face-off with one second to go in front of our goal.

When we dealt with that and the buzzer went, the team all took to the ice, flinging their helmets off.

I can’t pretend to be able to describe the next few minutes. Emotions are so high that events are like a blur. That’s probably true for everyone in the rink.

But we were aware that we had another weekend of hockey to look forward to in Coventry as we competed for the final four trophy against the winners from the northern league.

Whatever distractions and concerns there have been off ice this season, we’ve concentrated on what we can control, our performance on the ice.

We’ll be doing that next weekend.