THREE consecutive games of hockey, two on the road, are demanding.

That was our work-load at the weekend, but we were energised by the atmosphere on Saturday evening as our fans saw the team receive the league trophy.

There have been lots of pictures on social media recording the celebrations but I’m sure those of you lucky enough to have been there will remember the evening for a long time.

The fans showed the pride they felt in what the team had achieved; the players showed how much they appreciate the support of a knowledgeable and passionate fanbase.

The soundtrack to the celebrations was the very appropriate “We are family”.

The values and ambitions of this group of guys have been sustained in a strong locker room. It has been a team success.

They have wanted the fans to be part of a larger family. This season they have shared the ritual of the Juice Boy and The Bison Belt.

They have posted pictures of the team in the locker room and relaxing together indoors and out.

And it was fitting that the match sponsor was Sherfield School, our title partners.

The programme carried their slogan on the back cover; “There’s more to life than winning. Sometimes”. Also appropriate.

We hadn’t won on Friday, when Swindon beat us in the Autumn Cup final.

Our congratulations to them. Winning big back to back games is a challenge, but our fans never stopped cheering us on.

But now we realise a new season has started, the play-off season. It was important to win our quarter-final games against Invicta, which we did convincingly.

This weekend we meet London Raiders in the semi-final, the second leg being played at home on Sunday evening.

Why don’t you join the Bison family then?