IN LAST week’s diary I wrote about an outstanding performance against Peterborough.

Those who travelled to Swindon last weekend saw an equally impressive performance by the team, following a semi-final win a few days previously against Hull to qualify for the final of the Autumn Cup. Then we beat Cardiff 9-0 on Sunday.

All wins, but very different games. What was similar in all three was the support from our fans.

Some managed to get up to Hull for the mid-week game. A large number attended the Swindon game.

And then, on Sunday, we had a big turn-out for our home game against bottom of the table, Cardiff. Is there another town that attracts so many people to follow ice hockey in such numbers?

We took a one-goal lead to Hull from the first leg and played an effective road game.

The win meant we will play Swindon in the final, which gave an extra edge to our next league game on Saturday, against Swindon.

The home team took an early lead, but Bison seized the momentum with a couple of goals scored off a rush. I know the Bison fans were outnumbered but they drove the team on to a thrilling win.

On Sunday, we were without Kurt Reynolds, Dan Scott, Josh Smith and Roman Malinik. With a depleted blue line we decided to experiment with Hallam Wilson dropped back in defence, which went very well.

Dan Weller- Evans recorded his first shut-out.

I have to end the diary on a sad note. We have learned that an ex-Bison Player, Ryan O’Keefe, has passed away at 38.

He was a very popular team member of our Elite League team.

On behalf of the whole Bison family, we send our condolences to his family.