OUR top of the table win against Peterborough last Saturday was a game that will be remembered for a long time.

Ice hockey is always fast and exciting. Watching the team score four goals in the third period was especially thrilling.

We all left the building with a reminder of why ice hockey has established itself as the best supported sport in Basingstoke. It provides an intense sporting experience.

As a coach, I have to congratulate the guys for a great character win. As I look back over the season, I can see how this team has learned not to get down when conceding a goal.

Now we’ll come back, stick to our game plan and play the full sixty minutes. They showed great mental toughness, in the third period especially.

Some years back, when we were in the Elite League and often struggling against big budget arena teams, one of our most popular players was Brad Cruikshank.

Whatever the score, Brad would call out “Herd in the Third” in the locker room as the team prepared for the last period. It is a phrase used now by our fans. It was just as appropriate on Sunday.

The away game against Invicta also swung in the third period, but this time because we had let an early lead slip. A goal blitz in the last seven minutes secured our place as league leaders.

It would be good to have time to recover from a busy weekend, but we’re off to Hull on Wednesday for the return leg of our Cup semi-final. A win there will see us meet Swindon in the finals.

The team is in a good place at the moment and looking forward to our remaining League games.

We’re next at home on Sunday against Cardiff. See you there.