LODDON Vale bowler Nicole Rogers lost out in the semi-finals of the English Ladies Under-25 Bowls Championships at Ely.

The format of the event is the same as the world championships with matches being played over two sets of nine ends with a three end tie break if required.

In her last 16 match Loddon Vale’s Nicole Rogers took on England colleague Hannah Felce of St Neot’s. Rogers got off to a fast start and was always in control of the match.

In the quarter finals she was pitted against Whiteknights' Cathy Edwards of Whiteknights. This was a far closer match with the Loddon Vale bowler prevailed by a shot in each set.

The reward was a semi place against Katherine Rednall of Ipswich, who only four days before had been crowned Ladies World Indoor Champion for the third time.

The first set was a one sided affair with Rednall taking it 9-2, the second set was a complete reverse with Rogers storming into a 10-1 lead after six ends as the world champ looking a bit ruffled.

However, Rednall showed why she is world champion by fighting back to 10-6 going into the final end, but Rogers held on to take the match into a tie-break.

This proved just a tight and went to one end shoot-out. Rogers drew shot within four inches with her second wood only to see Rednall draw within three inches with her third wood.

With the next two wood not changing the situation, Rogers was left with her last wood for the match, but watched agonisingly as it clipped a short wood and fell away.

This is the second time in three years that Rogers has lost to Rednall at this stage and she went onto win the event.

The pair will meet again in two weeks time, but Rogers will be playing three to Rednall in the Home International series at Nottingham.