JOE Baird scored his first goal of the season, as the Basingstoke Bison returned to the top of South One, after they won at the Invicta Dynamos 7-4.

The visitors got off to a great start as man of the match Dan Davies and Tomas Karpov had them 2-0 up by the end of the first buzzer.

Also during the first session, Ondrej Zosiak hooked Josh Smith, but Smith missed the penalty shot which was awarded.

The home side pulled a goal back from Mason Webster at 25:02, but another Karpov strike and Baird's first of the campaign extended the Herd lead to 4-1.

The home side hit back as Webster scored 36 seconds later and then man of the match Louis Colvin and former Herd man Jaroslav Cesky netted to tie the game up at 48:58.

However, the Bison were not to be denied victory as Ivan Antonov, Davies and Hallam Wilson completed the 7-4 win.

Next for the Bison on Wednesday night is their Autumn Cup semi-final in Hull with their next league game away at Swindon on Saturday, followed by a home game against the Cardiff Fire on Sunday (5.30pm).