THERE'S so much that has happened since I last wrote before Christmas, that it’s best to explain first what lies ahead of us before the end of the season.

The first trophy we could win is the Autumn Cup. At present we’ve played our home semi-final leg against Hull. We travel there for the mid-week return leg next week. The winner will meet Swindon in the Final.

Our major goals are the NIHL South League Championship, which runs until March. This is then followed by the Play-offs, with the Finals in Coventry in April.

So, with an interest in all three competitions, it was important last weekend to continue our good form.

Friday night is not usually hockey night, but a Cup semi-final will always attract a large crowd to the rink. We came out a little hesitantly against Hull, but soon established dominance over our opponents. I know some fans were disappointed by only winning narrowly, but a win is a win, and we will travel to Hull next week determined to make sure of our place in the Final.

On Saturday we travelled to London to play a League game. There are so few fixtures remaining that we needed to continue to earn points. Although we were short-benched, and without Aaron Connolly and Dan Scott, we were pleased to come away with a good win, to the delight of the many fans who had travelled with us.

I hope this helps underline the importance of our games this weekend. Four points are available, and our first opponents are the present League leaders, Peterborough Phantoms. Once again, the rink will be full as fans know they can expect an exciting game.

We can’t let our focus drop as we travel to meet Invicta the following day.

Have a great weekend.