NINETEEN Kennet Osprey went to Dandys Ford on Sunday last and on a patchy venue Ray Shepherd topped out with 78lb 8oz of carp on pole and soft pellet and bread.

Venue expert Pete Newman used used pole and bread for his 59lb 11oz of carp. Daryl Mayers also used pole and bread for 54lb 8oz of carp followed by Pat Hollies who weighed in 42lb. Not all weighed on a patchy venue.

Adventure AS travelled to Milton Pools near Oxford for a silver fish match last Sunday where Darren Wright showed his class by netting 28lb 8oz of mainly roach on pole and caster Dave Stratford-Way put 26lb 12oz in the sack including four crucian carp, again on pole and caster. Justin Mabere caught 17lb 4oz of silvers followed by match secretary Nick Sargent’s 15lb 12oz of roach. Fourteen fished and all caught.

Camrose AC were at Soke Road for their latest fixture, and it was Paul (the enforcer) Follington who continued his winning way with 48lb 12oz of carp on pole and corn. Brian Orchard's 30lb of carp was a pole and maggot affair, Bryan Swindle weighed in 26lb 4oz followed by Jason (the paste) Marcham with 11lb 4oz. Fourteen fished and caught.

This coming Sunday put Adventure on Billhook Lake, Osprey go to Willow Park Middle Lake Camrose are on Whitehouse Lake.

In line with the Staceys Angling Club’s fish stocking policy, this week will see 700lb of bream from 1lb to 4lb go into Whitehouse, New and Old Barlows Lakes 100lb of tench in the 2lb to 5lb bracket earmarked for Old Barlows Lake and 350lb of mixed silver fish also going into Old Barlows Lake the cost of all stockings is funded by the re-investment of club members fees. After this latest stocking, I can envisage Tony Holdsworth camping out at Old Barlows for the duration.

Catch me next week.