ADVENTURE AS fished their cold, wet and windy Christmas Match at Dandys Ford Fishery last Sunday, where the canal section provided the top two weights.

Martin Wickens utilised the pole and punched bread for his 137lb 8oz of carp, at the next peg Darren Wright netted 99lb 4oz of carp again on pole and punch.

Graham Spiller drew peg 12 on the big lake and was next with 58lb 12oz of carp on pole and punch whilst at peg 13 Gary Hermon used pole and pellet for his 47lb 4oz.

Some blanked and some did not weigh in but all enjoyed food and hot drinks back in the on site cafeteria.

Kennet Ospreys match at Bowsaw Lake saw Bartosz Recki draw the favoured peg two yet again and duly won the match on the bomb and bread with 70lb 15oz of carp, Danny Mayers used the same method for his 24lb 10lb of carp, as did Dave Johnson for 15lb 11oz, John Light used the bomb in conjunction with corn and caught 11lb 12oz. Eighteen fished but not all weighed.

Camrose AC went to Adventure’s Willow Pool on Sunday last where Pete Morris caught bream and carp on pole and maggot for 14lb 8oz, Jason Marcham’s 10lb 8oz was an all carp net caught on pole and maggot, Tony Holdsworth fished the feeder for his 8lb 12oz whilst match secretary Pip Seeny weighed in 6lb 12loz of silvers. Ten fished and caught.

Staceys Match Group were at Soke Road Lake for their latest match and Paul (the enforcer) Follington caught four carp on pole and maggot to top out with an even 14lb. Rob Frost caught two carp on the pole and bread for his 9lb 8oz, Tadley Angling’s Kevin Roberts caught 6lb 12oz of mixed on pole and caster and Andy Wicks caught 6lb of bits. Ten fished and I promised not to mention that Keith Brown blanked.

With the weather foul ‘er indoors is already planning a trip to warmer climes after Christmas, I might be better off living in the Canary Islands and coming home for matches.

Catch me next week