OUR fans have been enjoying a long run of league wins this season, so I understand how disappointed they were last Saturday when we lost to Streatham. We created chances but didn’t put them away. It didn’t help that one of our forwards, Roman Malinik, picked up an injury during the game and had to sit out most of the game, but as a team we wouldn’t use this as an excuse.

Of course there were disappointed players in the locker room after the game, but we all knew that what mattered most was how we would pick ourselves up the next day when we travelled to Milton Keynes. We’ve been training well, have confidence in each other, and were ready to put that setback behind us. Team development is a process which continues from training session to training session, from game to game. A defeat we have to take in our stride

There was an improved team performance on Sunday to win 3 -2.

The Ice Show will reduce our training time this week, so the players will have time to recharge the batteries. They have two great matches to look forward to this weekend.

First we welcome Peterborough for the last qualifying game in the Autumn Cup. We had a thrilling game against them last month, when they pulled back on their own ice to equalise in the last few minutes. They then won in a penalty shoot-out. You can imagine how keen the guys are to get on to the ice on Saturday.

Then we have the opportunity on Sunday to meet Streatham again, on their own ice, in a League fixture.

The players and the fans will have a chance to draw breath the following week with just one fixture before a heavy Xmas schedule.