NOVEMBER is a month in which we have fixtures in all three competitions, the league, National Cup and Autumn Trophy.

Look at the league table and you can see we are the only undefeated team. Look at the Cup results, and we are still to win against Swindon.

What was frustrating about Saturday’s loss was our poor performance in the first period.

To concede three goals against a team in the first 20 minutes meant we had an uphill task to get back into the game.

Bison and Swindon enjoy a great rivalry. They are an experienced team who wanted it more than we did. On this occasion, they took the honours and our fans had the disappointment of seeing a lengthy run of home wins come to an end.

I don’t think our short bench was a factor, though I do look forward to getting all the guys fit and back on the ice.

In the long run it could come into play, but at the moment we need to manage the length and intensity of training.

When we travelled up to Milton Keynes the same team worked hard for the full 60 minutes, getting the result they deserved.

Whatever the competition, whoever the opposition, we’d been reminded we can’t afford to come out flat.

We are lucky to have fans who support us so whole-heartedly.

Next weekend a coach load will be travelling up to Peterborough on Saturday for an Autumn Trophy fixture.

Then on Sunday we hope to retain our unbeaten league run against London, with an early home face-off of 5.30pm.

Last weekend the team showed that the best response to a poor performance was to come out strongly in the next game. Two wins next weekend would show we’re back on track.