IN MY diary last week I wrote about how, in a previous game, we had allowed Streatham to build a lead against us and then had to dig deep to find a way to win.

We talked about this and agreed that in our next game, we had to start more positively.

Scoring 17 goals last weekend home and away against Cardiff tells me that was a lesson well learned.

October was a good month for us, with an unbroken run of wins in the league.

I’ve been able to make increasing use of our younger players. Dan Weller Evans, for example, started in the nets for us in both games against Cardiff.

We were also able to welcome Dan Davies back after a long absence.

He marked his return by getting on the score sheet.

His team-mates awarded him the Bison Belt after Saturday’s game.

We have all missed his skill on the ice.

We had arranged transport for our fans to travel to Cardiff on Sunday.

They certainly had a lot to cheer about as we scored 12 goals. They knew they were watching a hard-working team, which is what they expect of any Bison team.

I don’t think our games this weekend will produce as many goals, but we’re all looking forward to the first visit to Basingstoke on Saturday night of the Milton Keynes NIHL team.

Their senior team decided to move up into the Elite League this season.

This is a club which always produces competitive teams.

And then on Sunday we travel to Telford for a National Cup fixture.

We made a poor start in this competition in September.

With a solid run of League wins under our belts, it’s time to be as successful in the cup.

Have a great weekend.