I’M SURE our fans will be pleased that we won our sixth game in a row last weekend on the road against Streatham.

It’s good to look at the League table and see that we are undefeated.

But for the players, I hope that game was a wake-up call. Whoever we are playing, whether the opposition has been weakened by suspensions, we need to work for a win as soon as the puck is dropped to start the game.

On Sunday, Streatham were deservedly ahead by two goals at the end of the first period, and stretched that lead in the second period.

Why put ourselves in the position that we then needed to score four goals to take the points?

It made for an exciting game for the spectators and the team deserves credit for overcoming a three goal deficit.

Josh Smith once again showed grit and determination in getting the game-winning goal. But our attitude to the game was poor.

We’ll see this weekend when we play Cardiff Fire in back to back fixtures whether the lesson has been learned.

They’ve made a slow start to their season, but we need to perform well for 120 minutes and take nothing for granted.

Off-ice, our effort has been more consistent. Last season a large number of our fans completed a questionnaire on how Bison could improve their experience as supporters.

Interaction between fans and players was highly valued and this season the players have increased their presence on social media.

This gives an insight into training and in the locker room, so now the part played by awards such as “Juice Boy” and “Bison Belt” is shared.

We also know how much fans appreciate our effort and determination on the ice. We hope to share that this weekend