THERE were lots of positives to take away from our first weekend of games, at home to Invicta in the League and away to Telford in the Cup.

On our own ice we heavily outshot our opponents and felt we were in full control the entire game. Although we were short-benched In Telford we put in a solid effort and just came up short.

Over the weekend we had nearly 100 shots on net with many of them being Grade A opportunities. If we continue to produce that many scoring chances I am confident the goals will start going in more regularly.

This week in training we need to have more focus and to pay more attention to detail.

Ivan Antonov and Stuart Mogg were called up by Coventry Blaze, who play in the Elite League, for a mid-week pre-season game. This two-way arrangement gives our young players valuable experience of playing at a higher level.

We enjoy a similar arrangement with Buffalo for the services of Hallam Wilson and Paul Petts. Hallam wasn’t available last weekend so I was pleased to give Sam Brooks the opportunity to pull on a Bison shirt. During the summer the Juniors and Seniors train together and that is when Sam caught my eye. He played well on Saturday and I was happy to give the teenager plenty of ice time.

In this new League we are limited to two imports. Unfortunately Jaroslav Cesky missed both games but we hope he’ll be back this weekend. This month we have a run of Cup games so getting it right on the night is even more important.

Fans and players have an exciting weekend ahead with Telford playing here on Saturday and a local derby in Bracknell on Sunday.