HAMPSHIRE Ladies County Golf Association has launched a new initiative to encourage junior girls across Hampshire, Isle of Wight and Channel Islands to start playing golf by offering six week starter courses.

Sherfield Oaks Golf Club is one of a number of clubs involved in the new scheme which is aimed at girls aged between six and 18 years of age.

The focus of the weekly sessions is on having fun and meeting other like-minded girls while learning to play the game in a sociable environment.

Each session will be held by a PGA qualified coach. After the initial six week course, girls can continue to develop their golf skills at five further monthly sessions held at one of the county’s Academy Centres.

Each girl will be asked to pay £20 which includes the six week starter course and attendance at the five monthly sessions held throughout the year.

Courses will commence on various dates from March 4 and places can be booked at getintogolf.co.uk