WE CONTINUED our excellent home run with a 6-1 win over our visitors from Hull.

The fans were treated to some great goal-scoring and the players enjoyed being part of such a convincing win.

I’d like to thank all the fans, 250 of you, who took the time to fill in the questionnaire put out on Saturday by Tom Karpov who is looking at the relationship between the fans and the club as part of his studies at Winchester University.

That so many of you took part just emphasises how strong that relationship is.

There have been some difficulties this season as we’ve had to reduce seating at the rink. Thank you for your understanding; we look forward to making use of your feedback.

It’s clear that Basingstoke is a real Hockey town and a great place to watch, play and coach ice hockey.

Of course it was frustrating that our winning run ended on Sunday in Peterborough.

I thought we came out strong in the first period, but didn’t get ourselves on the scoresheet.

Peterborough came back in the second half of the game, when the flow was interrupted by a lot of penalties.

We played well as a team and I can’t fault the guys for their effort.

It looks as if we’ll be missing some players again this Saturday when we entertain Telford. Ivan Antonov and Stuart Mogg will still be playing in the World Student tournament.

With just one game this weekend, we need to make sure of a win against the current league leaders.

I know the rink will be packed again for what will be a great evening of hockey.

With the play-offs just a few months away, there is an added intensity in the games. See you all on Saturday.