WELL it was another mixed weekend of results last weekend.

We knew we had to win on Saturday to keep alive our hopes of making the final four in the EPL Cup.

We played well and achieved this with a victory over Swindon, Once again our fans were great giving us a wall of noise to feed off of and making it another great night in our arena.

On Sunday, we made the long road trip to Hull and we were a little flat, but still just failed to come up with the win, losing by one goal.

We left thinking it was a game we could have won, but we have to play a full 60 minutes This week British forward Shaun Thompson has decided to leave the Bison, as he felt he had a better situation with another club. His departure will mean Grant Rounding and Dan Lackey have a great opportunity to play more minutes.

In other news, Vanya Antonov and Stuart Mogg have been picked for GBR University Men’s team for the Universiade Wintergames at the end of January.

I am sure the players will enjoy the experience as they face Canada and America.

This weekend we have three games in three days started with a road trip to Milton Keynes on Friday.

We need a point from this game, to clinch our place in the cup semi-final.

On Saturday, leaders Telford are in town and then we face a road game against Manchester.

It is a tough weekend, but I am sure the Bison fans will be there to cheer the boys on and help us as much as they can.

Together we will be looking for six points.