WE'D had fireworks leading up to last weekend’s hockey, but I don’t think anyone expected the excitement to continue last weekend in such a spectacular fashion.

Spectacular, because 16 goals were scored and eight goals were given up.

Unexpected, because we’ve conceded the least amount of goals in the league and normally scoring three or four goals is sufficient to win a game.

Training had gone well during the week and energy levels were high.

That was obvious when we took to the ice against Manchester.

We built up a commanding lead but were disappointed to give up two goals in the third period.

It can be difficult to maintain focus when you have a comfortable lead but we were pleased to get an important Cup win as well as take two more League points.

And scoring five goals in front of our home fans made for a great atmosphere.

I’m not sure that the fans who travelled up to Sheffield the following day could believe what they saw.

We had hoped for a tight, controlled game but it turned out quite differently.

Back in Canada, shinny hockey is when you can turn up at a rink, pay your fee for time on the ice, and that’s all that is required to play.

There are no formal or specific rules. It’s basically recreational hockey and unfortunately that’s what our game in Sheffield turned into.

We scored 11 goals, and Sheffield scored six.

I don’t think fans will see many games like that and certainly not this weekend.

We play Milton Keynes at home and then travel to Telford on Sunday.

These are currently the top two teams in the league.