I'VE got to hand it to the guys for making it clear last weekend that they’re serious about being title contenders. If they continue to play as they did against Swindon and Milton Keynes, they’re going to be extremely difficult to beat.

Everyone who travelled away with us on Saturday and turned up on Sunday realised that the real Bison had turned up. The fans at last had reason to roar their support throughout the game. They showed loyalty, as they always do, but now they gave voice to their appreciation.

I’ve been waiting since September for that level of performance. The first month we lost more than we won. Then we started picking up points despite some poor performances. We all realised a week ago, after a heavy loss in Guildford, that things would have to change. I just didn’t think it could have happened within a week.

We upped our intensity and our physicality. We outworked the opposition. We went into the final period of both games with a two goal advantage and played smart hockey in both final periods; we didn’t take our foot off the gas but we didn’t take chances. And we put our bodies on the line.

There was a real buzz in the locker room after Saturday’s game. The guys knew they had, finally, come together as a team.

On Sunday we dominated in every area of the game. The noise was deafening as our special teams defended against five on three and six on four situations, and our powerplays worked well.

As well as the whole team played, our goaltender might have been our best player. To give up only one goal all weekend against two of the most offensively gifted teams in the league was great.

And now for Guildford on Saturday. Book early for this one!