BOTH Basingstoke Club teams went out of the National Super Cup competition in the first round last Saturday.

Adventure were drawn against arguably one of the best club sides in our area, Guildford Angling Centre, and went out by five section wins to one.

Kennet Osprey were always up against it, having to travel to Kent to fish a three-way tie against Comet and Beddington, where they lost by the same margin.

Last Sunday put Kennet Ospreys on Bowsaw Lake where Simon (The God) Kiefer scored with 72lb of carp on pole and meat.

Top two Terry Bowles fished with meat for his 70lb 4oz, Anthony Thomas was just behind on an even 70lb caught on the method whilst Steve Shepherd caught 65lb. All 25 caught.

Adventure’s match at Timsbury was a high scoring affair with Robin Guppy topping out with 164lb 8oz on pole and maggot, Steve Hunt 163lb 8oz was a pole and corn affair. Mick Fordham used pole and maggot for his 145lb, whilst Nick Sargent weighted in 139lb 12oz. All 15 fished and weighed.

Stacey’s Match Group were at Cheriton Farm Lake last Sunday where Stacey’s supremo Keith Brown just edged it with 35lb 2oz of carp on pole and maggot. Tadley Angling’s Kevin Roberts caught 35lb of carp on pole and pellet, Rob Frost weighted in 33lb 6oz followed by Paul Cripps on 31lb 8oz. All 12 weighed.

Camrose AC fished at Whitehouse Lake and Darren (Dodgy) Brown won the match with 23lb of carp and bream on pole and maggot. Ralph Sneddon’s two pole and bread caught carp weighted 19lb 6oz followed by Colin Thomas with 15lb 11oz of mixed. All 11 fished and caught, just.

Oxoid AC went to New Barlows Lake for their latest match and Nick Hillier won it with 14lb 12oz of mixed on pole and maggot. Harry Roach put 13lb 10oz of bream and carp on the scales for second place followed by Simon Nicholls 13lb 2oz. Two did not weigh out of 10.

As the weather improves ‘Er Indoors can spend more time gardening and I can spend more time fishing, each to this own.

Catch me next week.