WHEN we took to the ice last Saturday, our fans made it clear how much they appreciated the success we’ve had so far this season. There was a tremendous atmosphere which never dropped.

Once again it was a sell-out crowd aware of the possibility that their team could still be at the top of the league in a few weeks time.

Scoring three goals in the first five minutes sent the message that the players knew that a win in our only game of the weekend would bring that one step closer. Scoring 10 to win the game reinforced the will to perform to the best of our ability and each goal pumped up the atmosphere among players and fans.

It’s the first time since last November that we’ve had a full bench, apart from the long-term absentee, Alex Symonds. Grant Rounding was able to return to the ice after a bad season of injuries. Alan Lack came back to bring his own energy and intensity and was rewarded with a pair of goals.

Jon Baston shut out the Hull offence for the first two periods and then gave way for our young back-up netminder Dan Weller-Evans in the third period.

Declan Balmer, a defenceman, fired a hat-trick against his home town team to earn his man of the match award.

But even in our biggest win of the season there were moments of frustration. We were all ready to celebrate Dan Lackey’s first goal for the team when the referee deemed that the net was off its moorings.

This weekend we travel up to Telford on Saturday and then host Swindon on Sunday evening. We want to lay it all out there, as if it was a play-off weekend. An away win sets up the possibility of, finally, a big reason to celebrate on Sunday.

See you then.